2010 Sermons:

New Hope Baptist Church,

Romulus, AL


These sermons are delivered at New Hope Baptist Church in Romulus, Alabama (unless otherwise noted). I've placed these sermons here for my non-resident members (or anyone else interested in some sermons). Unless otherwise noted, all scriptures are from the English Standard Version, copyright 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. These sermons are not for profit; I'm not selling them, and you can't either. If they help you, please let me know. Feel free to share them if you think they're worth it. You should know that I rarely preach exactly from manuscript; things come to me as I go. (Most ministers will empathize.)

For most of the Church year, I follow the Revised Common Lectionary. You can read why I follow the Lectionary here.

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Other Sermons and Studies:

Sermons prior to Holy Week 2008

Daniel: God’s Divine Ambassador.

St. Paul: God’s Chosen Apostle.

Esther: God's Redeemer of Israel.

Reformation: From Rome's Fall to Luther's Stand a presentation for Reformation Day 2007.

Moses: Obedience and Redemption Our current Wednesday night Bible study lecture notes.

Revelation Delivered during Pentecost 2007.

The Apostles' Creed Delivered during Epiphany 2008. The Apostles' Creed states the basics of our faith.

Our Daily Bread. Scripture reading: Psalm 78:1-25. Sermon text: Luke 22:14-30. This is the sermon for Maundy Thursday 2006.

Thy Kingdom Come. Scripture reading: Joel 2:1-17. Sermon text: Matthew 6:5-13. This is my second sermon on the Lord's Prayer, preached Ash Wednesday 2007.

Reaching Higher. Scripture reading: Jeremiah 1:1-10. Sermon text: 1 Corinthians 14:1-20. Given events in the SBC, the topic of glossalalia needs addressing.

My Redeemer Lives. Sermon text: Job 19:25. This is an ordination sermon.

The Cost of Salvation. Sermon text: Mark 10:17-27 (the story of the young ruler).

Mighty Works, Mighty Wind. Scripture reading: John 14:8-17. Sermon text: Acts 2:1-11. This is a Pentecost sermon.

Psalm 51: Relationship Restored I preached this sermon in Preaching class on Friday after Ash Wednesday.

No Shortcuts I preached this sermon at Beeson's weekly Communion service 03 March 2004. Students typically deliver the homily for this service.

Too Blessed to Worry Preached at the Community Thanksgiving Service in Romulus, 2003.

Building on God's Foundation Based on a sermon I wrote for Preaching class.

Summation of the Trinity In 2003, I preached a series on the Trinity. This was the last sermon of the series.

Thinking about Mary. Scripture reading: 2 Samuel 7:4-16. Sermon text: Luke 1: 26-38. From Advent, Year B.

The Cross Holds a King This is a poem, not a sermon.

The Choice of Eternity. Scripture reading: Amos 6:1-7. Sermon text: Luke 16:19-31. Note: this will be a very uncomfortable sermon for most readers, but it's time someone made the choice of life plain to everyone.

2004 Sermons (Year C Readings)

2005 Sermons (Year A Readings)

2006 Sermons (Year B Readings)

2007 Sermons (Year C Readings)

2008 Sermons (Year A Readings)


3 January 2010 a.m.: Where Is Our King? Scripture reading: Jeremiah 31:7-14. Sermon text: Matthew 2:1-12.

3 January p.m.: Why Are You Searching? Sermon text: Luke 2:41-52.


10 January (First Sunday of Epiphany) : The Beloved Son. Scripture reading: Psalm 29. Sermon text: Luke 3:15-22.

10 January p.m.: Redeemed and Kept. Sermon text: Isaiah 43:1-7.

17 January a.m.: Do What He Says. Scripture reading: Isaiah 62:1-5. Sermon text: John 2:1-11.

17 January p.m.: Many Gifts, One Lord. Sermon text: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.

24 January a.m.: Many Members, One Body. Scripture reading: Luke 4: 14-21. Sermon text: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.

24 January p.m.: His Joy, Our Strength. Sermon text: Nehemiah 8:1-12.

31 January a.m.: Bobby Christian, one of our members and a volunteer hospital chaplain, gave his personal testimony.

7 February: Winter Bible Study Daniel: God’s Royal Messenger. The study will begin at 10 a.m., with sessions at 10, 11, and 1 p.m.

14 February a.m.: I Tell You a Mystery. Scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 15:1-22. Sermon text: 1 Corinthians 15:35-58.

14 February p.m.: Unveiled. Scripture reading: Exodus 34:29-35. Sermon text: 2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2.


21 February: You Know It’s Coming. Scripture reading: Psalm 91. Sermon text: Luke 4:1-13.

21 February p.m.: The Wandering Aramean. Sermon text: Deuteronomy 26:1-11.

28 February a.m.: Eternal God, Faithful Father. Scripture reading: Philippians 3:17-4:1. Sermon text: Genesis 15.

28 February p.m.: What Would You Ask? Sermon text: Psalm 27.

7 March a.m.: Seeking Him in Dry Places. Scripture reading: Psalm 63. Sermon text: Exodus 3:1-15.

7 March p.m.: Don’t Take the Test. Sermon text: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13.

14 March a.m.: Lost, Then Found. Scripture reading: Psalm 32. Sermon text: Luke 15:11-32.

14 March p.m.: Egypt’s Gone Now. Sermon text: Joshua 5.

21 March: No sermons. George Tupper will minister to the congregation in my absence.

28 March (Palm Sunday): Silencing the Stones. Scripture reading: Psalm 118. Sermon text: Luke 19:28-40.

28 March p.m.: The Fragrance of Love. Sermon text: John 12:1-8.

Good Friday (Romulus Methodist):  The Scandal of Grace. Scripture reading: Isaiah 52:13-53:12. Sermon text: Romans 5:1-11.

4 April, Easter Sunday: “Because He Lives.” Scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 15:19-26. Sermon text: Luke 24:1-12. We will celebrate Holy Communion in this service.

11 April a.m.: Firstborn of the Dead. Scripture reading: John 20:19-31. Sermon text: Revelation 1.

11 April p.m.: Rules of Obedience. Sermon text: Acts 5:27-32.

18 April a.m.: Who Are You, Lord? Scripture reading: John 21:1-19. Sermon text: Acts 9:1-20.

18 April p.m.: Worthy is the Lamb. Revelation 5.

25 April a.m.: Dwelling in the House of the Lord. Scripture reading: Revelation 7:9-17. Sermon text: Psalm 23.

2 May a.m.: Dennis South of the Northport Gideons will deliver the Gideons’ annual report to the congregation. Scripture reading: Psalm 148.

2 May p.m.: Beyond the Boundaries. Sermon text: Acts 11:1-18.

9 May a.m.: “Come.” Scripture reading: Acts 16:9-15. Sermon text: Revelation 22.

16 May a.m.: What Must I Do? Scripture reading: John 17:20-26. Sermon text: Acts 16:16-34.

16 May p.m.: Rejoice, O Creation. Sermon text: Psalm 97.

23 May, Pentecost Sunday: Unified. Scripture reading: Genesis 11:1-9. Sermon text: Acts 2:1-21.

23 May p.m.: Let His glory endure. Sermon text: Psalm 104:24-35.

30 May, Trinity Sunday: When He Comes. Scripture reading: Romans 5:1-5. Sermon text: John 16:7-15.

6 June a.m.: In the Beginning. Scripture reading: John 1:1-13. Sermon text: John 1:14-34.

6 June p.m.: The True Gospel. Sermon text: Galatians 1.

13 June (Homecoming): Come and See. Scripture reading: John 1:35-42. Sermon text: John 1:43-51.

20 June: Watch for the Signs. Scripture reading: John 2:1-11. Sermon text: John 2:12-25.

27 June a.m.: Believe. Scripture reading: John 3:1-21. Sermon text: John 3:22-36.

27 June p.m.: Are Your Ready for Freedom? Sermon text: Galatians 5.

4 July (Independence Day): Living in Freedom. Scripture reading: John 4:1-26. Sermon text: John 4:27-42.

11 July a.m.: Get up and Go. Scripture reading: John 4:43-54. Sermon text: John 5:1-18.

11 July p.m.: Pray for the Saints. Sermon text: Colossians 1:1-14.

18 July a.m.: Hear and Believe. Scripture reading: John 5:19-29. Sermon text: John 5:30-47.

18 July p.m.: The Only Real Choice. Sermon text: Luke 10:38-42.

25 July a.m.: Provider, Protector. Scripture reading: John 6:1-14. Sermon text: John 6:15-21.

25 July p.m.: Don’t Quit! Sermon text: Luke 11:1-13.

1 August: No sermons. The Rev. Billy Gray will minister to the congregation while I’m on vacation.

8 August a.m.: The Bread of Life. Scripture reading: John 6:22-41. Sermon text: John 6:42-71.

8 August p.m.: Faith. Sermon text: Hebrews 11:1-16.

15 August a.m.: Mistaken Identity? Scripture reading: John 7:1-13. Sermon text: John 7:14-31.

15 August p.m.: All through Faith. Sermon text: Hebrews 11:29-12:2.

22 August a.m.: Speaking Like Jesus. Scripture reading: John 7:32-44. Sermon text: John 7:45-52.

22 August p.m.: Forgiven. Psalm 103:1-14.

29 August a.m.: Sin No More. Scripture reading: John 7:53-8:11. Sermon text: John 8:12-20.

5 September: He Was; I Am. Scripture reading: John 8:12-30. Sermon text: John 8:31-59.

12 September a.m.: Now I See. Scripture reading: John 9:1-12. Sermon text: John 9:13-41.

12 September p.m.: Heed the Warning. Sermon text: Jeremiah 4:11-28.

19 September a.m.: The Good Shepherd. Scripture reading: John 10:1-6. Sermon text: John 10:7-21.

19 September p.m.: A Famine for the Word. Sermon text: Amos 8.

26 September a.m.: One. Scripture reading and sermon text: John 8:22-42.

26 September p.m.: A Glimmer of Hope. Sermon text: Jeremiah 32:1-15.

3 October a.m.: “Lazarus, Come Forth!” Scripture reading: John 11:1-27. Sermon text: John 11:28-57.

3 October p.m.:  The Unforsaken. Sermon text: Psalm 37.

10 October a.m.: Only the Foreigner. Scripture reading: Psalm 111. Sermon text: Luke 17:11-19.

10 October p.m.: The Sure Saying. Sermon text: 2 Timothy 2:8-15.

17 October a.m.: A New Covenant. Scripture reading: 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5. Sermon text: Jeremiah 31:27-34.

17 October p.m .: Bless Me! Sermon text: Genesis 32.

24 October a.m.: New Hope will celebrate the dedication of our newest arrivals with a Dedication service and Holy Communion. Sermon information: “Let the Children Come to Me.” Scripture reading: Exodus Exodus 12:21-27. Sermon text: Matthew 19:1-15.

24 October p.m.: Glorious Words. Sermon text: 2 Timothy 4.

31 October, Reformation Sunday: Saved by Grace. Scripture reading: Jeremiah 31:31-34. Sermon text: Romans 3:19-28.

7 November, All Saints: For All the Saints. Scripture reading: Psalm 149. Sermon text: Ephesians 1:11-23.

7 November p.m.: Is He Here or Not? Sermon text: 2 Thessalonians 2.

14 November a.m.: Jimmy Gray, member of New Hope, will give his testimony to the congregation.

14 November p.m.: He’s Coming. Sermon text: Luke 21:5-36.

21 November, Last Sunday of Pentecost (Sunday of Christ the King): The Cross Holds a King. Scripture reading: Jeremiah 23:1-6. Sermon text: Luke 23:33-43.

21 November p.m.: New Hope will host Romulus Methodist Church for our annual Thanksgiving service.


28 November a.m.: Come to the Mountain. Scripture reading: Psalm 122. Sermon text: Isaiah 2:1-5.

28 November p.m.: No One Knows. Sermon text: Matthew 24:36-44.

5 December: Rejoice, O Peoples. Scripture reading: Isaiah 11:1-10. Sermon text: Romans 15:4-13.

12 December a.m.: Magnificat! Scripture reading: Isaiah 35:1-10. Sermon text: Luke 1:46-55.

12 December p.m.: Children’s program and “Happy Birthday Jesus!” party.

19 December a.m.: New Hope will celebrate our annual Festival of Lessons and Carols.

19 December p.m.: New Hope Choir will perform our Christmas cantata, “O Holy Night.”

26 December: A Crown of Beauty. Scripture reading: Psalm 147. Sermon text: Isaiah 61:10-62:3.